MARS Transport Services


We provide safe transportation to and from any location in the UK for both adult and adolescent service users.

MARS provides secure or mobility impaired vehicles with or without qualified or HCA escorts, while delivering the quality of service you expect. We also provide multi-gender and multi-racial teams, a driver only, or a driver and any number of escorts.

Service users can be accompanied by our specially trained staff, who will facilitate safe and secure transportation. All our staff receive a wide range of training, recognising the needs and behaviours of individuals and the responsibilities involved in working with Care Workers and Medical Professionals.


Staff training includes physical intervention, anger management, de-escalation of difficult situations, conflict management, communication skills (verbal & non-verbal), relationship building, first aid, functions of court and report writing.

Our service includes (but is not limited to):

  • Court appearances (incl. general and high profile court trials)
  • Transport of high risk absconders and people who self harm
  • Transport of people displaying violent/aggressive behaviour
  • Hospital, dental and other appointments
  • Supervised contact visits and school runs
  • Moving or returning to a placement